EquiPRE: Chevaux ibériques dressage

Andalusian (PRE) and lusitano horses (PSL) for sale


Christiane Ory


Mobile: +41 79 464 72 94  (français, anglais)

Adresse en Suisse:

Chemin de l’Aurore 6

CH-1700 Fribourg

Adresse en Espagne:

Finca Los Guardioles

Apartado de correos 116

43780 Gandesa (Tarragona)


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  1. Hi, I saw a horse on youtube. The video is called PRE 2013. It is a bay horse with two hind white feet. Can you give me some more information on the horse? Price, 5 yrs?, size, piro free? Character. Thank you! Tanya Vik. Tanyavik@hotmail.com +1415.806.3092 in the US.

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